With the Holiday's just around the corner iText Santa is the perfect addition to your mobile device. iText Santa is a creative way to reinforce your child's behaviors during the holiday season. iText Santa allows you to send and receive a text message* from Santa!

Has your child done something wonderful and you feel he should be rewarded for his/her positive behavior? iText Santa and let him know so Santa can send you back a customized "Nice list" message to your child:

"I see Chris has been Nice! Helping his his brother clean up all the toys. Remember Santa is always watching"

Does your child need to improve his/her behaviors? Send in iText Santa for help and he can send a customized "Naughty list" message for your child to read:

"I see Mike has been Naughty! He was arguing with his Mommy. Remember Santa is always watching"

Now you can show your children that Santa is in fact always watching!

*Not an actual SMS Text Message. App will not use your iPhone/iPad/iPod data connection or count as a SMS Message.