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Find A Kona:  Are you craving a delicious Kona Ice?  

Now you can find your Kona Ice truck anywhere...anytime.

Getting your hands on a Kona Ice has never been easier!

*Currently only available in select locations*

Bridgeport Bluefish:  

Head out to the stadium today to see the app in action!

For exclusive use by the Bridgeport Bluefish at all games and team events.

SignMYi:  Imagine seeing your favorite celebrity or sports star out on the town and then scrambling for a pen and paper to get an autograph...and what about getting a photo? 

Now is the chance to easily document that once in a lifetime opportunity with SignMYi- the newest sensation is digital autograph and photo sharing!
iText Santa:  Has your child done something wonderful and you feel he should be rewarded for his/her positive behavior?  Does your child need to improve his/her behaviors?

iText Santa is a creative way to reinforce your child's behaviors during the holiday season. iText Santa allows you to send and receive a "text message" from Santa!

FitMusic:  Ever feel like you move at a faster pace when your favorite song plays while you are working out? 

FitMusic tracks your workout in relation to your music playing during the workout.

See which songs give you the best workout and which songs are causing you to drop off during your workout. 

myTeam Cards:  It’s time to become a sports SUPERSTAR with myTeamCards!

myTeam Cards offers over 28 different frame styles and colors plus different sports logos in order to fully customize your sports card. 

Start a sports memorabilia collection of yourself, your friends, your teammates…whoever!

School's Out:  Are you excited for summer vacation?  

Well find out exactly how much time is left until the last day of school (yes, we go down to the final second because it is just that important!).  

When the timer is up School's out will give you a great big cheer!