(Current Version 2.03)

Imagine seeing your favorite celebrity or sports star out on the town and then scrambling for a pen and paper to get an autograph...and what about getting a photo? 

Now is the chance to easily document that once in a lifetime opportunity with SignMYi- the newest sensation is digital autograph and photo sharing!

Perhaps you are celebrating your family vacation and your kids are just begging to get those theme park character signatures- now you can...and add the photos to forever cherish that special moment...without the high cost of those autograph books!

Or how about just lying on the beach in your favorite tropical destination?  Forget the postcard and stamps- digitally send your handwritten message and photo to anyone instantly right from your own beach chair!

All this and more is available only with SignMYi.

Features of the SignMYi App:
  •     Acquire autographed photos right on your iPhone or iPad- no need to scramble for that piece of  paper that will eventually get lost.
  •     Multi color signatures and ability to import photos direct from your Photo Library
  •     Save and show off your autographed photos anytime and anywhere with instant access on your phone.
  •     Share your photos and autographs in the blink of an eye with the ability to easily e-mail/Tweet/Facebook post your special memory to family and friends. 
  •     Save $$ over those expensive theme park autograph books that end up disappearing into a box as the years pass by.
  •     Save time searching for vacation postcards and stamps- send your own vacation highlights and include your own handwritten message.

Note: Signatures may be recorded using a finger or stylus pen.  A stylus pen is not required to utilize SignMYi.